Project Center ITER, Moscow (August 31, 2020) – On August 28, two upper ports of the ITER reactor vacuum vessel arrived at the South Korean port of Pusan.

Two new upper ports of the vacuum vessel for the ITER machine, which are manufactured under the responsibility of the Russian Federation, were shipped from the Port of Hamburg to South Korea on July 12 and reached their destination on August 28, 2020. The first of 18 Russian upper ports – 2.5 meters high and weighing 20 tons – was delivered to Korean partners in 2017. Earlier this year it was welded to the vacuum vessel sector, after which the element was delivered to the ITER reactor construction site.

Anatoly Krasilnikov, the head of the Russian ITER Domestic Agency, emphasized the importance of the delivery to Korean colleagues. “Russia is responsible for manufacturing all 18 upper ports of the ITER vacuum vessel – the basis of the reactor, essential for its assembly and operation. Therefore, timely delivery of our ports is an extremely important and responsible task, which we are successfully fulfilling,” Krasilnikov said.

The ports delivered to South Korea in accordance with the schedule will also be welded to the South Korean sectors of the ITER vacuum vessel, at which point the completed components will be shipped to the machine construction site in the south of France. The delivery of two ports to South Korea marks the successful completion of an important stage of equipment delivery to the manufacturing plants of the ITER vacuum vessel sectors in South Korea and Italy.

The general contractor for the upper ports on the Russian side is JSC NIIEFA (part of Rosatom State Corporation), and they are manufactured by MAN Energy Solutions, Germany. The Procurement Arrangement on supplies of upper ports between the ITER Organization and the Russian ITER Domestic Agency was signed in June 2009.