Six trucks with the electrotecnical equipment for ITER sent to the ITER construction site in France. The delivery includes busbars for PF coils, central solenoid, correction coils, as well as supports for the busbars installation, cavins, resistors and supporting equipment.

This delivery faces additional complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is conducted within request of the ITER Organization, as the equipment is basic for the installation of the ITER power supply system. Its delay would have caused failure in the Machine First Plasma date. Russian ITER DA, Efremov Institute and the ITER Organization took all the steps to prevent the ITER construction timing failure in terms of installing the Russian equipment. Coordinated actions of the Efremov Institute, Russian ITER DA and the IO in terms of fabrication, loading of the equipment and its transportation thought Europe have enabled do conduct this delivery with full compliance with the ITER schedule.

As a reminder, today the ITER Project is in transition from the construction stage to the machine installation stage. This presupposes high necessity of the in-time deliveries of the ITER’s components from the Member States.

The delivered equipment has been developed and manufactured at the Efremov Institute (NIIEFA) in St. Petersburg by order of the ROSATOM State Corporation. The manufacturing is conducted within the Procurement Arrangement for switching network, concluded in 2011 between the IO and Russian DA. Manufacture and supply of switching equipment, busbars, energy absorbing resistors and control racks for power supply and protection of the superconducting magnetic system of the ITER reactor is the most expensive and one of the most complicated of the 25 systems falling within the scope of Russia’s responsibility.