PF1 coil is one out of six Poloidal Field coils of the magnetic system necessary for plasma confinement in the ITER machine. Coil is a complex item, the basis of which is two-layer double pancakes. Manufacture of these pancakes is specific, as the winding is carried out of two superconductors, simultaneously. For these purposes, they use cable-in-conduit conductor basing on niobium-titanium superconductor, manufactured earlier in Russia in cooperation with Europe. It offers superconducting properties at super low temperatures about 4 Kelvin.

The start of the coil assembly became possible due to successful completion of the foregoing phases – winding, impregnation and assembly electrical joints of the eight double pancakes which comprise the Coil. These works were completed last year.

The manufacture of a poloidal field coil, nine meters in diameter and weighing 160 tons, due to the uniqueness of the product and the extremely high requirements imposed by the ITER Organization, required the development and improvement of advanced technologies and technological processes. The most important technologies for manufacturing were developed at the D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus (JSC "NIIEFA"). A large part of the equipment necessary for this process was also designed, manufactured and tested there.

The manufacture of the PF1 coil is carried out on the territory of the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard, as the plant territory is very favorable – entry to the navigable river, presence of suitable workshop buildings, and incoming roads. Along with that, SNSZ possesses a number of modern technologies, without which manufacture of such complex items as large-scale superconducting magnets would be impossible.

Completion of the Coil assembly and its delivery to the ITER site is scheduled on 2021.

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