Pedestals of the Blanket modules electrical Straps belong to the ITER in-vessel components of the Blanket system. Located on the inner wall of the machine’s vacuum vessel, bimetal pedestals are being manufactured by the Dollezhal Institute in cooperation with the Kompozit, JSC. Earlier, both enterprises successfully passed qualification of the technological process of the pedestals manufacturing by the ITER Organization.

Further on, at the machine assembly stage, Blanket modules electrical Straps (also developed by the Dollezhal Institute) will be installed to the pedestals. Electrical Straps protect the Blanket modules bindings and pipelines from extra electro-magnetic loads and ohmic heating.

Electrical Strap pedestals are the first delivery fabricated by the NIKIET in the framework of the ITER joint implementation. Importance of the pedestals in-time procurement is presupposed by necessity to install them inside the machine’s vacuum vessel before the First Plasma in 2025.

All in all, Russian industries are obliged to procure more than 1000 pedestals of the Blanket modules electrical Straps. The most intensive deliveries of the pedestals to the ITER construction site are planned for 2020.